The Vision


The digital landscape is already filled with countless "Comprehensive Scalable Figma Design Systems" and "UI Kits with 100,000 Variants".

These systems, though celebrated for their extensive scale and variety, often prove to be more of a burden than a boon.

Sure, they're aesthetically pleasing. They promise to elevate your design skills, to help you craft beautiful interfaces, to make you feel like a master of your craft.

And so, you dive in...

You tweak some colors, navigate to the "Log in template" section, swap out the logo, and pass it along to your development team. Job well done, right? But then you see it - that puzzled look on your developers' faces.

A silent signal that something got lost in translation. But you shrug it off, attributing it to the enigmatic nature of developers, and move on to the next project.

But we believe there's a better way.

A way that goes beyond creating pretty designs and instead focuses on fostering understanding and collaboration. A way that doesn't leave our developer counterparts scratching their heads, but instead invites them into the process, speaking a language they understand.

This is the vision that guides us, the purpose that drives us. But to fully appreciate the significance of this vision, we must first take a look at the current paradigm...


Once UI for Figma - design framework for prototyping on Product Hunt

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