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Once UI 2.3 – Start of a design revolution

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Lorant Toth | Design & Development
a month ago


We've started working on Once UI almost a year ago.
We've learned much through this journey...

Most importantly, why many businesses fail.
They scale up their teams and products with weak foundations.
Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to acquire strong foundations.

We believe that the framework we are releasing today can not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs, but it can prevent a business from long-term failure.

A well designed system offers guidance and sets the playing field.
Many designers believe their role is to craft custom solutions...
Believing that good product is a heavily branded product.

We're here to challenge that.
The benchmarks for the web's future are clear:

  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Responsiveness
  • Customizability

It's okay if your product has a generic appearance.

However, if it falls short in these key areas compared to your competitors, you're already at a disadvantage.


We've brought you templates to:

  • Provide a framework for prototyping
  • Give directions on component usage and responsive design
Responsive, prototyped templates with theme management
A common user journey of a SAAS product as a Figma prototype. View prototype arrow_forward

To use it effectively, learn about Once UI in our public Docs:

  • Styles and tokens
  • Highly modular component system
  • Unique concepts like Deep Nesting and Elastic Slots.

Introduce changes slowly.

Marketing (Beta)

At Once UI, we create assets to streamline our workflows.
The assets we find useful on the long run eventually make it into the product.

It wasn't any different with the marketing module.
It's a component that can display screen designs with customizable graphic elements.

Automatic marketing asset generation
Example of a marketing asset as a Figma prototype. View prototype arrow_forward

And by nature of the ecosystem:

  • Product mockups are always up to date
  • Can be played as a prototype, unlocing even more opportunities

It's currently in beta, with new features to come in our scheduled winter release.


Most design systems embrace volume.
We, on the other hand are always reducing scale.

The most important principle I've learned in my UX career is Miller's Law.
If you have more than 6-8 elements, you should introduce more hierarchy.
Isn't it daunting to look at a Figma design system that has 20 pages?

Lean, modular and fluid component system
Complexity is buried into different layers of the system to reduce scale and improve performance.

Our continuous refactoring efforts resulted in a system that provides better functionality at a smaller size.

Plus, with 2.3, we introduce new components as well!
Design landing pages easily with the all new ❖ Section element:

  • Set layout
  • Customize size
  • Display additional components

Visit the change log of our public documentation for a comprehensive list of new components.


What makes Once UI unique?
I believe it's the comprehensive documentation.

Many small teams struggle with deploying an internal design system docs site and keeping it up to date.

We've been called crazy. Stupid. Even lunatics for creating this prototype.
And maybe, we are. I don't deny. It was tremendous work, what you don't have to do.

And the point?

  • Onboard team members seamlessly
  • Have a common understanding of the system
  • Iterate quickly with an ecosystem that reflects any change you make
Comprehensive documentation of tokens and components in Figma
Our signature documentation. Rewritten with real, human words. No AI. View prototype arrow_forward


The future holds us challenges.
Challenges that will be hard to overcome.

We believe that the only way to battle them is through elevating quality.
Unfortunately, quality has been getting sparse lately.
Today's tooling doesn't promote quality.

We are not here to create a design system...

  • We're here to question the current status quo.
  • We're here to question our standards for quality.
  • We're here to elevate our standards for quality.

Are you ready to join the revolution?
Here's how you can contribute:

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