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About Once UI

Once UI is not just another product in the design landscape.

It's not only a transformative tool, but a philosophy and a vision as well. When you speak of Once UI, it's essential to understand that it transcends the boundaries of typical UI kits and design systems.


At Once UI, we champion simplicity and efficiency.

We recognize the challenges digital businesses face when designing and building products. Instead of getting bogged down in complexities, we believe in the Pareto principle: often, 20% of the effort can achieve 80% of the results. We prioritize this approach, addressing the most pressing issues first, and then progressing to the next.


Collaboration is at the heart of Once UI.

We're not here to reinvent the wheel but to drive innovation where it matters most. Instead of revisiting problems that have been solved time and again—like designing a basic button—we encourage taking strategic shortcuts. This way, we can dedicate our energy to pioneering solutions and pushing the boundaries of design.

Once UI for Figma - design framework for prototyping on Product Hunt

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